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Ohio State’s Military and Veterans Services​

Counseling for Veterans Returning to college or beginning college for the first time after Armed Services deployment can be a stressful and highly frustrating experience for some Veterans. Veterans coming out of extended periods of exposure to severe emotional or mental trauma and highly stressful working and living conditions may find the transition to college life and academic demands a difficult personal challenge.

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The staff at Counseling & Consultation Services (CCS) is composed of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and trainees. CCS staff work to create an atmosphere where Military and Veteran students can feel safe to openly discuss their concerns and get connected with resources that are going to be helpful . The therapists at CCS are aware of some of the unique challenges that Military and Veteran students may face. CCS therapists are well-trained to offer the support and services that may ease the transition of returning Veterans to college life at OSU, and when necessary, to provide referrals to other OSU and community resources.