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About Us

Loud and Clear Advisor (LCA) is veteran-owned service that strives to help members of the military community find what they need as fast and easy as possible.

More About Us
Our family has always had high regard for those who serve: military service members, police officers, fire fighters, … However, it wasn’t until my son was deployed that this high regard grew. This higher regard was soon accompanied by a huge helping of concern.

When one serves, the whole family serves. Our son's wife and babies struggled to acclimate to life without him. The challenges of single-parenthood and being the head of the household were overwhelming. Being out of state, it was difficult for us to help them – another terrible feeling.

Later, as our son left the Army, we watched him struggle to transition into civilian life. It was difficult for him to know and find what he needed. We spent hours online combing through websites and reading through various recommendations. We were often overwhelmed by websites and literature. At the same time, we discovered many organizations that were committed to serving those who serve, like us!

We pivoted our efforts towards developing Loud and Clear Advisor to provide an easy-to-use tool to connect members of the military community to the resources they need.

Jesse Villarreal, Veteran
President of Loud and Clear Advisor